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Prelude Suite™
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“Virtual teams now dominate the collaborative work environment.”
2018 Global Survey​

Prelude Suite™ shifts a project team from Me to We.

Module 1: Tune-Up
iStar Assessment™ builds self & team awareness 
Module 2: Practice
Teams co-create a weTag™ symbolizing their combined
Module 3: Perform
Teams produce a Team Alignment Plan™ and a Team Charter
Prelude Suite Virtual Teams

Prelude Suite™ is a trust accelerator.

Adding Prelude Suite™ to the beginning of a project adds a few hours to your timelines, but will act as a catalyst towards developing trust. This ultimately leads towards significant increases in team performance.

There are 3 modules available within the Prelude Suite™. Collectively, these modules move your team from a “Me” to “We” mindset. Your Certified Prelude Suite Facilitator™ will help you determine what modules are right for your team.

Team Members

The practicality of practice.

Sure, practice takes time and time is money. However, underperforming teams also cost companies money. A lot of money.

Imagine if the world’s top athletes walked on to the field as a team without practicing together and then competed – or the top musicians opened at Carnegie Hall without a single rehearsal. Would they perform at their collective best? Of course not.

However, it might not be so easy to determine if the team is performing. Sure, an individual’s talent may propel the team forward for a particular play, but without some idea of the strengths, weaknesses, and preferences of their teammates, strong performance and superior results are unlikely and unsustainable.

And yet strong performance and superior results are exactly what most business/development teams are expected to demonstrate from day one. After all, time is money and a deadline is a deadline. Bottom line: teams suffer from a lack of trust and lack of alignment due to critical lack of practice.

For immediate, high impact results.

Cross-Cultural Application

  • Draws together teammates from different cultures
  • Draws together teammates from different generations
  • Used in schools & organizations globally

Training & Delivery

  • Online Training  & Support
  • Flexible: Module Use & Scheduling 
  • Versatile: For Virtual, Hybrid, Co-located Teams


  • Tech Agnostic
  • Can support 1000’s of Teams 
  • API Integration

5 HR tools in one simple solution.

HR 5-in-1 Tool Prelude Suite™
1. Character Assessment
2. Team Building
3. Soft Skills (EQ) Development
4. Diversity Training
5. Creativity-Innovation Training

Trust acceleration is just the beginning

To be successful, teams need a shared purpose, a clear and effective process, and trust among team members. The extent to which your team fails to hit all three simultaneously will result in delays, disappointments, and frustrations. The Prelude Suite™ is the only system designed and tested globally to address all three at the same time. It accelerates trust, it clarifies goals, roles, and processes, and it links team purpose to individual meaning.
Team Building

Choose the Prelude Suite™ for:


A gap exists between management expectations of team capacity and actual performance. Prelude helps close that gap.


Prelude Suite™ enables student project teams to perform more effectively by learning distributed leadership and practicing soft skills.


Use Prelude Suite™ with project teams to extend and enhance their reach and impact in new innovative ways.

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