About Us


Josh Hoover
Josh Hoover, CTO & Co-Creator
Josh has always been entrepreneurial. He’s had leadership roles in product development and project management. His expertise in managing diverse team projects combined with application architecture and development acumen afforded key insights and design inputs into the evolution of the Prelude Suite. His innovations have singularly helped make the resource what it is today. https://www.linkedin.com/in/hooverjosh/
Howard Esbin
Howard B. Esbin PhD, CEO & Co-Creator
Howard’s experience as a senior executive spans three decades in the retail industry, international development, and philanthropy. In his mid 30s, he returned to university part-time and, over 14-years, earned three degrees culminating in a doctorate in education at McGill University. His original research on communities of practice in rural Kenya combined with extensive training of staff across three sectors informs the original design of what’s become the Prelude Suite™ in collaboration with Josh Hover. His writings on vocational training, imaginal education, and grassroots innovation and marketing have been published by the International Labour Organization (ILO), Education Canada, UNESCO.. https://www.linkedin.com/in/hbesbin/
Erik Schumb
Erik Schumb M.A., Director of Engagement, EMEA
Erik is a seasoned Agile Strategist and Coach supporting collocated and distributed teams. This includes significant knowledge of business processes, innovation management and emerging technology. As well, Erik has in depth experience helping startup teams identify their vision, mission, and unique selling proposition ensuring a client centric problem-solution-fit. His professional background includes senior positions within the IT/Strategy Consulting & Mobility space introducing Digital Transformation and various Agile Frameworks & Methods (like  Design Thinking, Lean Start Up). Erik has a crucial role developing and implementing a comprehensive plan for introducing Prelude Suite within the EMEA region. He has already begin establishing significant collaborations with German organizations in the business and governmental sectors leveraging his own brand and company Agile Sprints. http://www.agilesprints.space


Robert C. Ryan, CPA, MPA 
Robert is a CPA and senior finance executive with almost 20 years of experience. Known as a progressive team manager with a track record of success in streamlining business processes and financial systems to control costs and improve workflow. Robert’s specialties include: Treasury, investor relations, internal audit, acquisitions, and public accounting. https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-c-ryan-cpa-09a3048/

Martin Gotfrit 
Martin is an interdisciplinary composer/performer whose work mostly involves collaborations with other artists: filmmakers, choreographers, poets and other composer/performers. From 1981 to 2018 he was on the faculty of the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University. During his tenure he was variouslyDirector of the School for the Contemporary Arts, Associate Dean, Dean (Pro Tem), Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology. https://www.linkedin.com/in/martin-gotfrit-59875a6/

George Brown
George is the founder of Integral North, a legal and coaching/consulting firm committed to serving individuals and community organizations who believe that they can make a positive difference in their communities. https://integralnorth.ca