5X5 Teams

5X5 Signal Strength & Clarity

Wireless signals travel through air as invisible vibrations. Signal strength and clarity are rated out of 5.  The best signal is 5X5. 

What Makes a 5×5 Team?

Vibes also refer to someone’s emotional state which we feel without words. Emotions “travel” as electrical energy at a subatomic level. Someone with “good vibes” signals self-awareness, authenticity, and sincerity. Good vibes spread when people are positive and having a positive effect on others. Research backs this up.

A 5X5 Team™ first practices being a team by exercising 5 Team Strengths™ together. Teammates are better prepared for the 5 Team Stages, better able to embody 5 Team Behaviors™, and better able to avoid 5 Team Dysfunctions™. A 5X5 Team™ signal is loud and clear, from start to finish. The result? Good vibes make for better communication and teamwork!