There’s a crucial gap between what management expects from virtual teams and actual performance. 19 out of 20 “executives say they have experienced difficulty in managing virtual teams” (Dachis Group, 2013). “The financial cost of this gap is enormous due to lost productivity, missed deadlines, declining morale, and failure to innovate” (Lepsinger, 2014).

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MURAL’s cloud-based application makes remote design work. its digital whiteboards empower modern teams to visually explore complex challenges and collaborate on researching, brainstorming and designing ideas. MURAL’s distributed management team has worked with and benefitted from the Prelude Suite. The Prelude Suite is also highlighted in MURAL’s new book: “The definitive guide to Facilitating Remote Workshops”

MURAL distributed team members on their Prelude Suite experience:

  • “The framework in conjunction with Mural created a very fertile ground for engaging with other minds – so from ‘virtual strangers’ we jumped a level up.” 
  • “Most valuable part of the exercise was seeing others through their perspective and being able to learn something about myself along the way. It’s empathy building and collaboration enhancing practice.” 
  • “With our distributed team, we don’t get much non-work together time . . . where you get to know someone a little better – so this type of exploration gives us a deeper look at their personality.”
Mark Tippin, MURAL Director of Services Facilitating Prelude Suite™